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Big Bang offers Newsletters on CD, "Squid Marketing" Forms,  Squid Postcard CD's,  and other marketing and business management tools designed by cleaning industry veterans for your cleaning business. If you're interested in growing and organizing your business and want the most bang for your buck, you've come to the right place!



"Our newsletter return (6100 mailed) thru 1/29/02: 98 jobs, $21,143.67 in sales, (over 10 to 1 return) plus, 5 carpet/floor jobs sold thru The Floor Club. Pretty solid!"

Greg Overfield, P & G Chem-Dry

"Good stuff, great value, you have really found a niche!"

Howard Partridge, Phenomenal Products

"Want to look like a pro? Go to www.bigbangmg.com"

Paul Schmadeke, Five Star Carpet Cleaning, AZ

"Just got your stuff! -Excellent Fantastic, I love them... the cost is a very  tiny amount next to what these forms can do! Especially the "Sales Slip"! "

Chris Kallas, Baby Soft Carpet Cleaning, Fl

"We run quarterly newsletters, but they can be a pain to put together. We used to do them ourselves, but with the overload of work they always seem to be put on the backburner."

"So, we hired Randy Rovang @ Big Bang Marketing to do ours and our customers absolutely love them. It's better for me 'cuz now I don't have to hassle with putting it together, but more importantly it's done in advance of the due date and all I have to do is send it and my database to the printer where he takes care of labeling, sticking, stamping, and mailing."

Scott Rendall,  SCI-CLEAN and BRC Systems Solutions, MI

"Randy... I wanted to let you know how much we and our customers enjoy the quarterly newsletter... we wouldn't think of stopping our best contact with the customer.... as of this date, our Fall newsletter has been our best money maker yet.... it has done $ 16,771. 44 in the last three months... not a bad return on a $1,200 total investment and going out to our best 3500 customers with almost a week to go. Wow, thanks again. Can't wait to get the Winter letter out!"


"I want to thank you for the great success we've experienced with the Spots Illustrated newsletter. We've been mailing out a quarterly Spots Illustrated to our preferred customers for the last couple of years. We have never utilized any other marketing tool, including the yellow pages, that has added more revenue to our business. Our profits from Spots Illustrated typically average eight to ten times our total out-the-door cost; and you were right, it's the offer that brings in the most work. Most important, though is that our customers continually compliment us (of course we take the credit) on the quality and enjoyment they get from the timely articles, and the great jokes.  I really appreciate the way you work in my little pieces, and I never have to wait long for a proof- except for the overnight letters that never arrive overnight. Thanks again Randy. I'm already looking forward to our next issue, and the next"........

Tom Weikel,  Virginia Beach, VA

"We have sent out two editions of the Big Bang newsletter to our customers. They have been extremely well received and well worth the money.

I highly encourage anyone who does not send out a newsletter to start doing so. After seeing many newsletters I believe that Big Bang's are the best and Randy is a great guy to work with.

We have clients asking us lately when the next one is coming out because they like reading them so much."

-Todd M., Triple Crown Carpet Care, Vancouver, WA

"I have just started using Randy's newsletter and my clients have noticed. They have commented that they like the one that I now send better than the two page newsletter that I used to send. Randy makes putting out a newsletter very easy for a guy who wears all the hats."

-Curt Rosler, Clean Air Solutions, Chester, PA

"Randy produces a super newsletter...www.bigbangmg.com"

-Armand Taddeo, Twin Co. Carpet Cleaning, NJ

"I've been mailing Spots Illustrated to my customers for nearly 3 years. As soon as the newsletter goes out, the calls start rolling in. My customers love the newsletter and frequently comment about it. We have been so happy with the results, that I referred Randy to my brother and a friend, both of whom own carpet cleaning companies.

I had the pleasure of meeting Randy last Summer when I was in the Seattle area. He's a great guy - although he's a lousy golfer. I would highly recommend his products."

-Sean Walsh, Walsh' Chem-Dry, El Verano, CA


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